Let’s Become Hemp Savvy By Understanding Its Basic Role As A Crop

Let’s call spade a spade! When I say hemp, it means hemp and only hemp, not marijuana or cannabis. Yes, hemp and cannabis are different and the sooner you understand this, the better you’ll be able to process the referenced made on the Internet. So now when you come across hemp oil CBD or say, hemp CBD tea, know that these products are made from CBD extracted from hemp, not cannabis.

Here Is The Difference!

The major issue on the entire subject is that cannabis and marijuana are used interchangeably and because hemp and marijuana belong to the same genus, Cannabis Sativa .L., the Internet has started taking the liberty of using hemp and cannabis synonymously.

Now, there’s nothing incorrect in referring hemp as cannabis because its genus is Cannabis but this might only increase the confusion. So here is the simplified version: Marijuana and hemp are two different plants which belong to the same genus.

The reason for keeping these two different is that marijuana is rich in THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, and hemp is rich in CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Thus, trying hemp oil vape will not give you a high but vaping cannabis oil will definitely give you a high making the former legal and the latter, illegal.

Knowing Hemp As A Crop

  • There was a time when the farmers were jailed and fined for not cultivating hemp crops in America and England. Yes, you read that right, punished for NOT growing hemp! It doesn’t stop there! Hemp was given the status of tender money, meaning, people used to pay their taxes with their hemp crops for around two centuries in the USA. That was the glorious status of hemp in the past of which nothing remains!
  • ‘Hemp is a sustainable crop.’, is what we hear and read very often. But what does that mean? Surely, we can deduce that it is an environment-friendly crop from ‘sustainable’ but hardly anyone knows why is it considered so. So here are those few reasons:
    • Hemp is a better option for manufacturing paper as hemp crops cultivated in one acre of land produces the same amount of paper that the wood sourced from the trees planted on 4.1 acres of land.
    • This points towards faster deforestation. Besides, consumption of water in 4.1-acre land is much more than 1 acre.
    • The same is the scenario with fiber production. One acre of hemp crops produces as much as fiber that 2-3 acres of cotton field produce. More water and electricity is consumed in watering such big cotton fields.
    • It is not a secret how cotton bugs can ruin the crop making the use of pesticides and herbicides a must. Hemp crops, on the other hand, do not need any of it.

Doesn’t it feel like we were deliberately kept away from hemp because of its abundant usefulness? This was just the advantages of the crop though, we have not yet covered the hemp seeds and cannabinoids. Well, more people are preferring to buy hemp seed oil and CBD oil which points towards the rising awareness.



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